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October 10, 2004



So, if you could please answer, what is the highest possible score in Windows Solitaire, standard scoring, one card draw, nontimed? Thanks!

Thomas Warfield

As it says above, the highest score for that is 745.


Thank you, T. Warfield, but what it says above is that 745 is the highest possible score using THREE card draw, standard scoring, untimed. I asked about ONE card draw, standard scoring, untimed. There could be a difference. Highest I've been able to get - several times - is 715.

Anyone know the answer? Definitively? Thanks.

Thomas Warfield

The numbers of cards drawn shouldn't make a difference in the scoring.

pamela M. Lager

.ve reached 740. Pulling down before putting up on
aces seems to do it. How long did it take to get to 745. I am new to computers.

A. Moore

745 is the highest possible for 1 card. I've reached 743...so close yet so far away


A high score of 24113?! Would that be completing it in 1 second or less?

The best I've done is 5497 in 145 seconds (draw 3, scoring, timed).

I think I can improve on that though.

Anyone else?


I've actually pulled off 6518 in 117 seconds, drawing one card, timed and with score. I can't imagine anyone finishing the game in less that 60 secs though...



Nice job. I've since bested my old score in Draw 3/Scoring/Timed: 6296 in 125 seconds. In at least 500 games over the past few weeks I've bettered 5000 a dozen times and 4000 a couple score.

I like the timed games because it adds a whole extra dimension of mental agility and hand-eye coordination and I favor Draw 3 for the added strategy--it's not always beneficial to engage every playable card from the draw pile, for example. And let's face it, the game is already mindless enough.

Everyone: see how well you can do and post your best score and time here, whatever they are, in Draw 3/Scoring/Timed.

RULES (The intent is to completely level the playing field):
1. Obviously no 'cheating' such as using the alt-shift-ctrl handicap: http://www.eeggs.com/items/477.html
2. Have no other processes running or pages loading or files downloading/uploading or anything that might slow your clock even slightly: http://www.mazes.com/solitaire/best24004.html
3. You may run through the deck as many times as you like
4. You may use the Undo (to go back 1 play, which is all mine will allow) any number of times
5. You may of course pull cards from any of the final four stacks back down to the column stacks to re-engage them in play if needed (there's a small penalty to do this)

Tips (I'm no expert, nor am I a retiree, I just have some discretionary time at the moment, but these are my observations over the past few weeks):
1. Play fast.
2. In sending a card from the draw to the any of the final four stacks, you gain an extra five points by bringing the card down to a columnar stack first if playable, however* the time you lose by making a 'stop-over,' perhaps almost a second, results in a greater deduction in bonus points, perhaps 100, than the points you gain from the stop-over. I recommend playing the card directly from the draw to the final four, if applicable. No columnar stop-over.
3. Play fast.
4. Don't worry about little penalities such as the those associated with the Undo or running through the deck an additional time or bringing a card back into play from the final-four stacks: those penalties are far smaller than the extra points you gain from finishing, fast. Know though that in using the Undo or running through the deck an additional time, you're losing time and therefore big points.
5. Play fast.
6. Because you can run through the deck any number of times, it's not always advantageous to play every card you can: on every draw, two cards are skipped, and ideally you want to access all the cards. By playing one card at the top of the deck, on the next run-through, your draw cards are now staggered by one and--assuming you've made no other plays on the previous run--you're presented all new cards. So for example, if you're presented two cards at the top of the deck, both playable, and then presented a third which is playable (assuming you've no other plays through the remainder), then on the next run-through, the cards you're presented (and your stagger) will be the same. Hence you may want to skip the third. Of course you run the risk of having that card covered on the next go-round and permanently. Another senario might be a playable card at the top (first draw) which you may choose to skip, knowing that you will definitely be presented with it on the next go-round (as it's the first draw of three), thereby creating a delayed stagger on the next run-through. Of course, you lose time and points by doing this though. It's these decisions and strategy which makes Draw 3 far more interesting than Draw 1 in my mind--this de-emphasizes the luck element and emphasizes your decision-making and memory skills a notch relative to Draw 1 (even better if you can memorize all the cards as you whiz through them the first time).
7. Play fast.
8. As already mentioned, I've noticed there's a strong correlation between finish time and final points and a relatively non-existent one between penalty points/extra points (for playing to the column before the final stack, for example) and final points. That is, if you finish in 117 seconds as C.M. did, your score will be near his/her 6518 with a deviation of perhaps as many as 50 points, regardless of how many extra points or penalty points you've accumulated. So:
9. Play fast.
10. Try playing every game: don't hit the deal button until you get a good hand. You'd be surprised at the lack of correlation between a possible (fast) finish and what appears to be a favorable deal. More often than not on presentation with a number of aces at the beginning or even cards which play onto each other even before the first draw, I end up not finishing. A good quick game will develop evenly* between playable cards from the draw stack and exposing cards under the columnar stacks--with of course an even build-up in the final-four stacks.
11. Play fast.
12. Try to shuffle cards around (for example shifting the 3 of diamonds on the 4 of clubs to an exposed 4 of spades--to relieve and play the 4 of clubs and possibly expose cards underneath it). By doing so, if you are down to the last couple unexposed cards, you can run a couple suits right up through the royals and onto the final stacks to expose a low card of a fourth suit which is holding up your progress.
13. Play fast.
14. One other minor tip is that I've played on a tiny 12" notebook (with a poor mouse) and a large 19" monitor and I seem to do much better on the larger screen. Though I've to sling the card a bit further on the big screen, I seem to miss far fewer plays.

So, good luck and play fast! And report back... :)

Katherine Towler

i've just achieved a score of 11283 in 66 seconds. does anyone know the recorded highest score??

Sajish G.P


I've topped 9000 a couple of times and on one occassion scored 10100+. 5000-7000 is my average. ONE card draw, standard scoring.


Stephen York

i got 11284 in 65 seconds!! unlunky Katherine Towler

Darrell Baker

anyone know how to play it cause i dont know im well stupid at the age of 16

Brandon Reed

On untimed games the highest you can get is 745, I have recieved that about a half a dozen times tring to get 750, and noticed I playied perfect. On timed games, I don't think anyone mentioned it, right click to send cards up to the piles as often as posible, it goes much faster. Don't have a 60 sec. game yet, but I can get it about 90 sec. with over 7000 points.


got 12113 in 61 secs still have not broken the 1 min barrier though


Today, December 7, 2005, after playing for the past 10 years, I achieved 7,525 in 102 seconds using three card draw - timed. In 2005 I have achieved nine scores of 6,000 or more and hundreds in the 5,000's. I play around 30 gamnes every day. Usually the cards of the highest scores just "fall into place" and I am not concentrating very hard. There is definitely a "zone" that produces the highest scores.


7695 is my highest score without using Ctrl-A ... in 103 seconds if i remember correctly ... my hihgest score using Ctrl-A is 11,000's something, can't remember and can't be bother to remember since my friend told me he's consistently got 13K. But then I've only known about the Ctrl-A thing for 3 weeks :D, i'll beat him in no time


I have just managed 48 seconds with a score of 15240 using 3 card and right clicking to send cards up to the aces. Have just read about Ctrl-A will try that.

T. burge

my top is 14546 at 52 sec. on xp. top on win 98 is 11000 (?) at 62 sec

Sal Manila

I don't remember the score but I have had times of 53 seconds twice, 54 sec 4 times and several in the 50 sec range.


I got 750 once in an untimed 3-card draw game. I have no way to prove it, but I know I got it and I haven't been able to beat it since. I've even tried cheating and I can't get it. maybe it's because I did it really fast? I don't remember anything about the game because it was so long ago, but I know I got 750.

Sal Manila

75 seconds gets you somewhere close to 10000


ive been playing for 7 years now, my best score i've gotten was 42 seconds at 750 (dont record bonus) and that took me 37943 trys (pressing deal 37943 times, lol)


15,976 51 sec.


i play solitaire everyday whenever im on the computer. its an addiction. the highest score i got ever was today was 10496 in 71 seconds.

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