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October 12, 2004


Simon C

Impossible freecell game?

Not sure what the number would be, as it's a Mac version of freecell, but the layout is such:
5cl 8hr 9cl 8di 9di jcl 2di 6sp
5di qcl qsp ahr 8cl 5sp 6hr 3sp
7sp 9 sp jdi asp 10hr qdi 10cl 2sp
10di 6cl 3hr kcl 8sp qhr 10sp acl
4hr jsp 5hr 9hr 4di ksp 4cl 6hr
4sp 7cl 2hr 3cl 7di 2cl khr 7hr
kdi 3di jhr adi

I've been stuck on it for far too long... I think it's impossible.


You have two sixes of hearts -- one should
be a diamond. Either way, the deal is hard
but not impossible:

62 4a 4b 8d 8c ah 4a 8h 85 a8
2a c2 4c 64 68 64 62 68 76 7h
73 b3 6b c6 1c 1h 12 18 16 15
1h 71 76 31 37 3a 6h dh 13 21
24 2h 28 2a 28 18 c1 31 52 54


Have you tried all of them? As far as I am concerned, 11982 is the one that is impossible, you might find the other deals pretty difficult but possible.


What about this one:

3 3 3 3 10 10 10 10
5 5 5 5 8 8 8 8
7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6
9 9 9 9 4 4 4 4
J J J J 2 2 2 2


When I had Window 95 or ME, There were 32000 Freecell games. Now with Window XP there are 1000000 games. Are the first 32000 games of XP identical to the earlier version of 95 or ME???

Thank You, Earl


game 11982 on a PC


What about 15695?? I can't beat it at all!!

Chris Riley

#11982 on the PC cannot be done... not be me anyway.

#15695 is tricky, but can be done... it took me about 5 minutes and three attempts.


How about #13414 it has beat me.


are the games generated randomly or actually stored?


Games are generated by a Random Number Generator (a computer program)(RNG). All RNG's require a seed number to start their sequence of random numbers (cards). RNG's are designed so that they always produce the same sequence of random numbers for any specific input seed number. Therefore you always get the same Solitaire deal for a given input number even though they are randomly generated; unless of course, at some time in the future M$ changes their RNG program!


We just beat ur 13414 mate, in two games ;)


how about 18600
Have no idea, it has me stumped


im having the hardest time with 31748 i have no idea why.... but i cant solve it.


how about game -1


I am having a really hard time with game 10 of freecell. (windows). I am pretty new at freecell.


I can't find any solution for game number 10 on XP. If someone find a solution please let me know. :(


#10 Solution
a = 1st freecell
b = 2nd freecell
c = 3th freecell
d = 4th freecell

3a 57 5b 51 21 61 75 27 23 32
23 62 61 76 76 76 7h 87 47 4c
4d 46 47 84 57 a2 62 64 64 14
15 38 36 3h 13 16 1a

Notation goes in order. The first move is (3a) so the 3rd row top card goes to freecell a. The second move is (57) so the 5th row card(s) goes to the 7th row spot


One of first episodes of The Office (US) has a freecell game on the computer monitor. You can just barely read the #.
I checked it out and can produce the screen shown (looks like random moves), and from there the game is beatable.


I can't solve 20418. I'm 389/392 so I know how to play.


i play freecell daily for about 3 hrs once in a very gr8 while the game will not work out for me
game no 12319

Jack S. Kahn

This Game H38 on an iPad. Impossible???

4d 5c 6s 8d 10c 1h 2c Kd
2h Qd 10s 2d 8s 1c 9s 7c
1s 5s 7h 5h 8c Jh Jd 10d
Kh 9d 9c Kc Qs 8h 5d Ks
3h Jc 3d 10h 1d Qc Qh 4c
9h 6h 7d 2s 3c 4s 4h 3s
6c 6d Js 7s

Neal Fine

I have had no luck with H38 on the IPhone App. Would also like to know if its doable.


I have tried h38 at least 100 times....impossible?


I agree H38 can't be done

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